16,212 places in the ‘U’, available until Friday, November 20, 2020 for the last application

The last application for the admission period of the second semester 2020 begins this Thursday, November 19, 2020 and will last until tomorrow Friday 20. 16,212 places are available for the process, reported the secretary for Higher Education, Sciences, to Technology and Innovation (Senescyt).

To apply, individuals must enter with their username and password on the website.

The Senescyt reminds candidates that they will be able to choose between one to five career options, in order of priority and according to their preferences. In this last step, the allocated quota is understood as automatically accepted, that is to say that there will be no acceptance period for it.

So that young people can browse the available careers, they can go to the academic offers search engine at The name of the higher education institution, the name of the diploma, the entry and graduation profile, the description of the diploma, the modality, the day and the duration are available there. Also the benchmark scores with which it can be entered.

Those participating in the process should check to see if they have been allocated a spot on November 23. If obtained, they must immediately begin their registration process, directly with the higher education institution.

In this second semester of 2020, applicants for a place in universities and public institutes took the new Higher Education Access Examination (EAES) for the first time, which was 100% online and was spent in September.

The evaluation represents 60% of the grade of the application and the remaining 40% correspond to the academic record or grade. Young people also applied with their scores from the old Ser Bachelor exam.

In total, for this period, 105,613 places were offered in universities, polytechnics and technical and technological institutes in the country.