754,839 app downloads to track covid-19 cases reported in Ecuador

A total of 754,839 downloads of the ASÍ application have been recorded in the country, as of yesterday, Thursday, November 19, 2020. This free digital tool generates an alert to one or more citizens close to a suspected or confirmed case for the new coronavirus.

The data was provided by the company Linkin – in charge of its development -. Of the total shown, 727,368 were downloaded via the Android system and 27,470 via iOS.

What is this “app” for cell phones or mobile phones? Each device has a randomly generated code. It does not contain information about individual users or electronic devices.

When one person is close to another, mobile phones are connected via the Bluetooth Low Energy system.

With this, contacts are tracked without having access to the identity of users or meeting places.

The signal is captured at a distance of at least two meters and for more than 10 minutes, as indicated.

If the citizen has tested positive for covid-19, he can report it to this system. Then a doctor from the public or private network will confirm the result. This way, those who were nearby will be notified so that they can take biosecurity measures and remain isolated.

Repeatedly, government authorities have highlighted the privacy of data in this app. On the Government Ministry page, for example, it is stated that the confidentiality and privacy of personal data of users of this “ application ” is guaranteed, in accordance with the settings and protocols of countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Uruguay.

Will the platform have any changes? The answer is yes, as they are improving the flow of infected reports, according to Linkin. The idea is that the “application” will pre-authenticate the codes of the patients who share their data, when doing the diagnostic PCR test; this will eliminate the need for doctors to do this.

“This change in the authentication flow encourages download, use and will also increase the positive impact that” the application “has SO”.

If you want to download the app, you can do so through Google Play: and App Store.