A deputy takes Aya Nakamura as an example: “She is reinventing a certain number of French expressions”

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In the midst of a debate on discrimination by accent in the National Assembly, a LREM deputy cited the R’n’B singer Aya Nakamura as an example to illustrate the evolutions of the French language.

Who would have bet that one day Aya Nakamura would enter the National Assembly? The R’n’B singer, who is today the most widely broadcast and listened to French singer in the world, made an unexpected entry into the hemicycle in spite of herself.

The Law Commission was studying a bill from the LREM deputy of Hérault Christophe Euzet which aims to promote “France of accents” and not to oust a person because she has a pronounced southern or eastern accent. or from the North for example. Discrimination by accent is sometimes an obstacle in accessing the world of work.

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The LREM deputy for Saône-et-Loire Rémy Rebeyrotte then wanted to underline the importance of neologisms, a sign of vitality, according to him, of the vitality of our language. And it is there that he cited as an example Aya Nakamura, who made himself famous by his hit “Djadja” in 2018.

“Faced with Anglicisms, we too have an interest in constantly reinventing our language. When I see young people like Aya Nakamura who today through her song is reinventing a certain number of French expressions, it seems absolutely remarkable to me. , that is to say that it is bringing to the international level new expressions and evolutions of the language “.

An astonishing recognition when we know that Aya Nakamura – born in Mali and arrived in France in her childhood – has often been attacked on the words of her songs composed of slang or expressions little known to the general public.

Critics that annoy the singer who has just released a third album in two years.