A young Ecuadorian doctor died of covid-19 in Argentina, his ashes will be repatriated

Jorge Ricardo Jaramillo Bustamante, a 27-year-old Ecuadorian doctor, has died of covid-19 in Argentina. The young man had been studying for a postgraduate degree in internal medicine since January 2019 and was doing his internship at a hospital in Buenos Aires, where he was infected with the virus.

Jaramillo, from the town of Piñas, El Oro, last contacted his parents on October 30, 2020. During the call, the doctor told them he had been infected with covid-19 for the second time, but that he was fine and would heal soon.

However, three days later Rosa Bustamante, the young man’s mother, learned that her son had died in Buenos Aires from the coronavirus, the woman said. It was a graduate student who brought the unfortunate news to the Jaramillo family.

The doctor’s mother told EL COMERCIO that she tried to travel to Argentina as soon as she learned of the death of her firstborn, but without success. “I wanted to go but they didn’t give me permission, I begged and begged, no one helped me. He was my only child.”

Jorge Jaramillo was originally from the town of Piñas in El Loro. Photo: Courtesy of Jorge Valarezo Moreno / CORREO newspaper from Machala

The doctor was first infected with covid-19 in April and overcame the disease, the second time he contracted the virus in October and his health was reduced. “He had very high temperatures for several days,” the mother said.

The remains of the graduates will be repatriated and on November 20, 2020, they will arrive in Quito, where they will be watched by their relatives. Later, the ashes will travel to Catamayo, then they will be transferred to Piñas, his hometown.

From Catamayo to Piñas, a caravan will be organized to pay a funeral tribute to the doctor and offer him “a last farewell,” Bustamante said.