Aude: household appliance recycling awarded by the Carcassonne agglomeration

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This year, Carcassonne Agglo awarded its CitésLab trophies to business creators and project leaders in the priority Bastide / Pont Vieux districts of Carcassonne. With financial help, eight of them were selected, including Diack Diarra and his Boost Electroménager business, specializing in the reconditioning of equipment.

Who has not shown himself angry at least once when he saw wild waste collection centers at the edge of a path, in clearings, in the undergrowth, where are thrown among other filth dented washing machines, gutted refrigerators, microwave destroyed. “At a time when we are constantly talking about preserving the planet, the work of recycling household appliances that I do contributes at my small level to give a second life to this material rather than replacing it”, explains Diack Diarra, at the head of his small company, Boost Electroménager, awarded by Carcassonne Agglo.

The 40-year-old Diack’s story is commendable. Malian of origin, he exercised after a CAP in refrigeration engineer this profession of repairer of household appliances in the capital of the country, Bamako. A situation far from obvious in an African region shaken by numerous episodes of conflict. With the Bac in hand, at a little over 20 years old, Diack moved to France where he spent fifteen years in the Foreign Legion in Castelnaudary as an instructor, and across the world for many foreign missions. Having become a master sergeant, it was time for him to reconnect with his past and put his skills at the service of the reconditioning of household appliances. Initially, he made some purchases of second-hand refrigerators, freezers and washing machines which he put back into operation. His micro-business took shape and he opened his shop-workshop at 22 rue Victor Hugo in Carcassonne, a stone’s throw from Place Carnot, in order to move up a gear. A room all in length, bordered on both sides by equipment ready for sale in reconditioned. The sources of supply are diverse, most often via the Internet from wholesale platforms in the region, offering products with some defects. Individuals also storing an American fridge, a dishwasher or a dryer to replace them with new. Obsolescence remains a major concern of this industry. Diack, while finding there material to develop his business, is offended: “In the days of our parents, refrigerators lasted up to fifteen years. Now, they are much less reliable and sturdy, and their lifespan. life often does not exceed four to five years. The manufacturers have found a way to make us repeat purchases regularly. “

A quarter of the new value

In its store, Diack offers products at a lower cost, at a quarter of the value of new, often with a warranty. “Carcassonne is a city that does not run on gold and my low prices are appreciated by customers. With the Caf, social workers, a certain number of people have the opportunity to equip themselves at a low cost,” explains our repairer and merchant. This helpful man, extremely kind, complete the job of a transporter either to collect material upstream or to ensure home delivery. Also, he normally has a technician with him, even if, with the confinement, he had to be put on partial unemployment. “My shop is currently like the others, closed, and I am working in slow motion with also supply problems”, he regrets. Next month, he hopes to receive his CitésLab trophy and the accompanying check, a welcome boost in a depressed economic context.

Boost Household appliances: 06 11 97 48 99.

Aid up to € 2,000

CitésLab, located at 13 rue Victor Hugo, managed by Bouch Danguire and supported by Carcassonne Agglo, supports and promotes entrepreneurship in the area. This year, it organized its first edition of the trophies by videoconference due to the very specific conditions due to the pandemic. This November 5, around twenty active candidates or project leaders defended their file remotely. The jury was made up of representatives of Carcassonne Agglo, the CCI, the chamber of trades, the municipality of Carcassonne, the Occitanie Region, the Mission Locale de l’Ouest Audois, the Pôle Emploi and funding organizations for business creation (Audie, Airdie). Financial aid of up to 2000 euros for the winners of these trophies.