Aveyron: a scooter driver was traveling at 63 km / h in downtown Rodez

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The driver was arrested by the police while driving in the city center of Rodez. In recent months, accidents involving electric scooters have increased in France.

It was traveling at 63 km / h. On August 14, officers from the Rodez police station arrested the driver of a scooter who was traveling in the city center at record speed. The man was fined “and the machine which was equipped with an illegal device allowing to circulate at more than 25 km / h” seized, tell the police officers on their Facebook page.

The latter recall that “the legislation changed” on July 1, 2020. “From now on, electric scooters must be equipped with front and rear position lights, reflectors, a braking system and a horn”, is -it specified in the publication.

In Toulouse, self-service electric scooters are not currently being considered. Elected officials fear accidents and damage. Accidents involving electric scooters have increased in France. On October 20, a young man riding an electric scooter in Bordeaux was struck by a car on a quay of the Garonne, in the city center. He hadn’t survived. A few months earlier, another electric scooter driver had been killed after hitting a truck while driving through the streets of Paris.