BBC appoints ex-judge to investigate Princess Diana interview

The BBC said on Wednesday November 18, 2020 it had appointed a former judge to investigate how the station landed a famous interview with the late Princess Diana in 1995 after her brother said she was cheated to have it participation.

Earlier this month, his brother Charles Spencer said the BBC had not apologized for what it said were forged documents and “other hoaxes” that led him to introduce Diana to journalist Martin Bashir.

In the interview with Bashir, watched by more than 20 million viewers in Britain, Diana shocked the country by admitting an affair and offering intimate details about her failed marriage to heir to the throne, Prince Charles .

BBC CEO Tim Davie said the broadcaster was determined to uncover the truth of Spencer’s claims.

“This is an important investigation that I will begin immediately,” said John Dyson, the former Supreme Court justice appointed to lead the investigation. “I’ll make sure it’s both complete and fair.”

Spencer says that Bashir told himself and his sister a number of things, such as Diana’s communications being eavesdropped on by the security services and two advisers being given money for giving out information about her. Bashir provided fake bank statements to support the allegation, Spencer reported.

Others involved in the making of the program have also come forward to say that the BBC covered up the wrongdoing.

Bashir made no public comment to the media, and the BBC said the journalist, who became famous around the world for his interview with Diana and is currently the company’s religious affairs correspondent, is currently on sick leave, recovering after heart surgery and after contracting the coronavirus.

The BBC said its investigation would look at five topics, such as the steps the BBC and Bashir took to secure the interview, including mock bank statements, alleged payments to Royal Household employees and other issues recently. raised by Spencer.