BTS releases a new album specially dedicated to its fans in the midst of a pandemic

The South Korean group BTS presented this November 20, 2020 ‘BE (Deluxe edition)’, a new album with which the group wants to send a message of encouragement to its followers in a year marked by the pandemic and also to share their concerns and their doubts turned to the future.

From the first single of the album, “ La vie continues ”, through “ Dis-easy ” (pun between illness and discomfort), the eight extracts of “ BE ”, seven new and “ Dynamite ” (released in August), seek to convey, with a little optimism, the feelings that the group went through.

In the days leading up to the release of ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, her previous album released in February, covid-19 contagions began to skyrocket in South Korea, forcing the work to be presented via videoconference. and finally to cancel their long-awaited world tour when the pandemic broke.

Neither “BE” nor “Dynamite” were initially planned. When we finished ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, we thought about what to do now and shortly after the start of the viral crisis, ”RM, group leader, told media today, who recalled that it was the first “press conference that we had with people in almost two years”.

Video: YouTube account: Big Hit Labels

As expected by the agency representing the group, Big Hit Entertainment, one of the group’s seven members, Suga, was unable to attend today as he recovered from shoulder surgery.

‘Making of’ in social networks

With the tour canceled and unable to perform with audiences, BTS began sharing on social media in April the creative process behind what would be their next job, something that its members say has helped them feel close. of their followers, known as “ARMY”.

The lack of public engagements allowed the seven band members to become more involved in the album, each taking on leadership roles in different areas.

“The key concept of ‘life goes on’ started popping up all the time when we got together to design the new album,” said Jimin, in charge of coordinating the musical part of ‘BE’.

While V served as the album’s “visual director,” a key role for a group that gained worldwide fame using multimedia formats on countless platforms, Jungkook, the youngest of the group, performed the music video for ‘Life on’.

The recording, which in its first hour of life on YouTube has already been viewed 13 million times, attempts to show the warmer side of the seven artists, who are seen together in the house they share in the Hanam neighborhood. . in Seoul or on a trip to the countryside.

“In ‘BE’ we didn’t want to teach people on stage what you normally see. We wanted to see young people in their twenties, which we are, ”commented J-Hope.

Far from the scene

At one point in the video, the group is seen driving along the banks of the Han River and gazing longingly at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, where in recent years they have sold out after sold out.

“It has become really difficult for us not to be able to go on stage,” Jimin said today.

In this way, ‘BE’ ended up being a sort of ‘journal’ on the months of the pandemic that the group decided to share, as Jin explains, who was asked again today about his impending appeal. to comply. military service, compulsory in South Korea for men, who must serve between 18 and 21 months.

The issue not only makes the military extremely uncomfortable, but also the South Korean authorities, who, concerned about BTS’s important contribution to the national economy, have launched an express legal review process so that some artists can delay compliance for up to 30 years.

The reform is expected to be approved by December 4, when Jin, the oldest in the group, will be 28 and for which, under current law, he is already expected to be enlisted.

“As a South Korean, I want to serve my country and like I said before when they call me, I will serve my best. And yes, this is something I am talking about with the rest of the members.” , explained the musician, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin.

Time to think

The six members of the group in attendance also explained that the pandemic had given them the opportunity to reflect on their work and look back.

“In the past, I have often felt burnt by the pressure. But now when I start to feel that, I feel like I’ve grown up. It used to be just a tough time that I had to deal with, but now I can use those feelings to compose, ”he said. V on how it was therapeutic to produce “BE”.

“Some say fame comes at a price, and personally I always feel a certain level of pressure,” explained RM, who, like Jungkook, believed that being able to take the stage and work for the fans compensates for the heavy burden these seven bear. twenty years.
Especially since his agency, whose income is 97% dependent on BTS, has just gone public as part of an ambitious growth plan.