Castres. He invents a system to make his rib of beef on the barbecue every time

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Former executive of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and director of Castres Olympique, now retired, Patrick Alran has just invented an ingenious device to successfully cook rib of beef on the barbecue.

He says it himself: “I like good food”. “And the prime rib in particular,” says Patrick Alran, who has just invented a preparation system to make his favorite barbecue meal a success every time. “When you plan a prime rib is that you are not alone and the problem is that you never know when people are going to eat, explains this South Tarnais from a family known on the Mazamétain. And at the cost of the prime rib you don’t want to miss it “. Especially since like all meat lovers, Patrick Alran likes it blue and hot inside.

And among the many professional trips that he was able to make all over the world, this former manager of Pierre Fabre laboratories, now retired, has fond memories of these stops in South America, especially in Argentina where “the meat is extraordinary”. “They always cook it vertically while we cook it horizontally”, explains the one who therefore tried to reproduce this slow cooking called “Asado” by tinkering with a hanger to hang the meat as he could on his barbecue. “It was not bad but not very practical”, he confides, saying to himself that there would be “a jerk to invent a process for cooking meat vertically without risking to drop it”.

And in the summer of 2018, he started sketching. “But I am not an industrial designer”, explains Patrick Alran, known in Castres for having been director of the Olympic Castres for several years. This notably enabled him to expand his network of local entrepreneurs from Castres and Mazamet, who became friends, who helped him develop and finalize his invention. In particular a Mazamétain friend “Géo Trouvetou”. “I wanted it to be made in Occitanie and I only wanted to work with friends,” explains Patrick Alran, who found a company in Revel, whose boss is from Saint-Amans, to make him the parts of his device ” made of food-grade stainless steel and resistant to heat “.

“I first had about ten made that I tested with friends. They found it great so I said to myself banco and I launched a small series of about fifty”, explains the inventor who wanted beautiful packaging to market his product. He then called on a Castres printer to carry out the packaging and a Mazametan manufacturer for the foam inside to hold the elements that fit together (see box). And he wanted the box to be stamped with a label with the region’s logo and the phrase “Imagined, designed and produced in Occitanie”. And it is a Mazamétain whose company is based on the Causse in Castres who created the merchant website for him on which this invention called “Jaap” has been available for a month. “

I searched for a name for a while. “I didn’t want to call it” The brooch to Patrick “if it ever worked in Europe, explains Patrick Alran who therefore chose his middle name” Jaap “which is pronounced” Iap. “My mother is Dutch and it was the diminutive of Jacob, his father’s first name. It can be read and pronounced everywhere “.

For the moment the cost is 145 €. “I could go down if I had more manufactured”, explains Patrick Alran, who embarked on this adventure to “have fun”. And his invention is being emulated. To try it is to adopt it. Even among professionals. Wine merchants and butchers want to sell it. Restaurant owners are won over. “I had a large model made for restaurants where you can cook 6 ribs of beef at the same time”, says Patrick Alran, who is also pleased that members of the OC from Latin America like Rodirgo Capo Ortega or Maurico Reggiardo are seduced by the product. “Finally the idiot who invented it, it’s me!” smiles Patrick Alran.

An ingenious device

“Jaap” is an innovative system allowing the preparation for a successful cooking of the prime rib on a barbecue. It is made up of 6 stainless steel parts: 2 bases, 2 brackets and 2 spikes. The assembly is very easy with elements fitting into each other. Once mounted, the system is placed directly on the barbecue grill itself positioned on the embers. The top spike is used to secure the meat so that it is in an upright position with the rib bone at the bottom thus providing a firewall. This allows the meat to heat up, leaving it for almost an hour if necessary while waiting for the guests to sit down to eat. The prime rib heats up to be ideally ready with perfect cooking before searing it directly on each side on the barbecue grill. And “Jaap” also makes it possible to achieve perfect cooking of the duck breasts.

He invents a system to make his rib of beef on the barbecue every time

He invents a system to make his rib of beef on the barbecue every time