Christmas decorations in the shape of a penis create controversy in Belgium

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In a small town in Belgium, illuminated Christmas decorations in the shape of a penis are causing controversy. The mayor had to explain himself.

As Christmas approaches, the town of Oudenburg, Belgium, has illuminated decorations. However, some of them have generated a lot of reactions on social media. The reason ? The lights presumably suggest male genitals.

Faced with the controversy, Anthony Dumarey, the mayor of the city, reacted. “We have indeed already received a lot of reactions to our illuminated ornaments. We had no intention of installing Christmas lights that remind people of a penis,” he said, adding that the decorations had were carried out by the city’s technical service.

“It is certainly the most discussed Christmas light in our country!”, Recounted the mayor with humor.

De nieuwe kerstverlichting in Oudenburg staat al recht. Lijken sterk op lucifers vinden sommigen, anderen zien er dan weer iets anders in …

– Mike De Becker in 11 anderen (@mikedebecker) November 18, 2020