Conviction of Jonathann Daval: a “very good decision”, according to Alexia’s mother

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“It’s a very good decision, exactly what I was hoping for, at the height of our suffering, it will allow us to turn a page,” Alexia’s mother said after Jonathann Daval’s conviction at 25 years old. criminal seclusion.

Jonathann Daval was sentenced Saturday, November 21 by the Assize Court of Haute-Saône to 25 years of criminal imprisonment for the murder of his wife Alexia. When the verdict was delivered, the accused looked at his own family while on the benches of the civil parties, Jean-Pierre Fouillot, Alexia’s father, passed an arm around the shoulders of his wife Isabelle.

A few minutes later, the latter went to meet the journalists, as she had done regularly throughout the trial: “It is a very good decision, exactly what I hoped, at the height of our suffering. , that will allow us to turn a page “.

ud83d udcac “If she looks at us up there, it’s just this fight for her”

u27a1 Alexia Fouillot’s family considers Jonathann Daval’s conviction a “very good decision”

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“Three years of fighting”

“It was three years of fighting ‘just for her’, and ‘we have come to the end,’ she continued with tears in her eyes and her gaze turned to the sky,” I hope that none of you, no French will forget it “.

“Justice has done its job well, understood our pain”, added Jean-Pierre Fouillot.
Before the court withdrew to deliberate, Jonathann Daval had the floor last in this trial which opened on Monday. “Sorry, sorry”, he had pleaded then, turned to Alexia’s parents who had long considered him a son. One of his lawyers, Me Ornella Spatafora, quickly indicated that Jonathann Daval would not appeal the judgment.