Covid-19: only 4 in 10 French people plan to be vaccinated

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While the global race for the vaccine against Covid-19 continues, only 4 in 10 French people plan to be vaccinated, the day this vaccine is put on the market.

The vaccine against the Covid-19 is not popular among the French according to an Elabe poll for BFMTV. 4 in 10 French people are planning to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which is five points less compared to a previous survey of October 29.

40% could be vaccinated, 46% do not want it (+ 6 points) and 14% do not yet know what their decision will be (- 1 point).

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The vaccine has more followers in men than in women. 50% of the men questioned are ready to undergo an injection when the vaccine is available compared to 32% of the women. Another lesson from the survey: 25-49 year olds are the most resistant. 32% are for and 53% are against.

For what reasons would the French respondents refuse the vaccine? They answer 66% the lack of perspective on the disease and the vaccine (66%), the fear of undesirable side effects (54%) and mistrust of laboratories and health authorities (29%). 11% say they are not afraid of contracting the coronavirus. What if the Covid-19 vaccine was mandatory? This is not a good idea for 60% of respondents.

Overall, 64% of French people say they have confidence in vaccines. 36% are of the opposite opinion.

Elabe / BFMTV survey carried out on a representative sample of the French population of 1003 people, carried out on November 17 and 18, 2020