Customs officers overthrown in Labastide-Murat: three people arrested after a hit-and-run

The case dates back to July 25. While carrying out a road check in Labastide-Murat, on the “Jardin des Causses-du-Lot” area, on the A20 motorway, customs officers from Montauban intercept a vehicle, an Audi A4, traveling towards Toulouse. While they begin the operations of checking the vehicle, its driver voluntarily collides with one of the officers in front of him, the second being obliged to throw himself on the ground in order not to suffer the same fate.

The two injured agents are taken care of by the Lot rescue services and evacuated to the Gourdon hospital center, their injuries cause a temporary incapacity for work (ITT) of 8 days.

Two men in pre-trial detention

The investigation is entrusted to the motorized platoon and the Cahors research brigade and placed under the authority of an investigating judge in Cahors. The first investigations carried out show that the Audi A4 is reported stolen by a car dealership established in the Dordogne. Located in Toulouse on July 27, its user was immediately arrested while trying to escape. Aged 25, the young man from Toulouse already known to the courts is indicted for concealment of theft, and placed in pre-trial detention.

Sifted through by the technicians of the Cahors criminal identification cell, the Audi A4 has delivered many elements to investigators. On August 4 in the early morning, supported by the gendarmerie surveillance and intervention platoon (PSIG) Saber de Colomiers (31), Lotois investigators arrested in Beauzels (31), the alleged driver of the AUDI A4, a 19 year old young man. At the end of his custody, he is indicted and placed in pre-trial detention.

At the same time, the 25-year-old passenger was arrested in Périgueux (24). He is placed under judicial supervision.