Dark hair can also be highlighted

Blonde undertones in the hair brighten up the face and help highlight features. While dark-haired and dark-haired women usually don’t dare to go for a drastic change, there are some hair color techniques that are great for a makeover because they go from minimum to maximum.

‘Ballayage’, a sweep of color from root to tip; “Baby lights” or small illuminations; Californian, a clarification focusing on tips; and the “silver coin”, a clarification on the front strands, are some of the techniques that specialists use to give light to brown or black hair.

Colorist Gabriella Rocha believes the initial consultation is essential. He sees the condition of the client’s hair and asks questions about her lifestyle.

This meeting is also important because, after the pandemic, consumers are much more aware of the investments they are making.

Female executives, for example, tend to be a bit more conservative, while those in creative professions are more daring.

The colorist analyzes hair tones and eye and skin color to select tone. For example, for women with warm brown skin, he recommends blonde colors with ranges of honey or caramel. This color “gives the skin a natural tan,” says Rocha.

The expert recommends avoiding very staggered cuts, because with techniques such as ‘sweeping’ the ends will have a stepped appearance. The hairstyle is also important. “When you generate waves, you see the dimension of colors.”

Rocha advises using shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. “The conditioner seals the cuticle and keeps it well hydrated,” she explains. In addition, every week you should use a mask depending on the type of hair.

At three months, the client can return to the salon for a refreshing color treatment. After about two more months, the general touch up is the suggestion.

Colorist Miguel Ángel Cavallero believes the key to making these color changes is to do it from least to most.

“There are new color formulas that brands have come up with to work with illuminated brunettes. They are based on cool brown colors, with an ashy background, to eliminate unwanted reds or oranges reflections in naturally dark hair, ”says Cavallero.

The design of the color application that the colourist makes is also important. You can apply more lighting in the areas the woman wants to highlight. For example, if the eyes are your favorite part of the face, then more color points can be given at that height.

These techniques are suitable for all hair lengths. Executives between the ages of 28 and 35 are following the casual hair trend. This type of lighting goes very well with avant-garde and urban cuts.

Cavallero points out that these techniques prevent clients from becoming dependent on the hairdresser. In fact, if they take good care of the right products, the general touch-up could be done as early as six months.

“These styles are going to continue on trend, especially around this time, when it comes to keeping things simple,” concludes colorist Cavallero.