Daval trial: disappointed with Jonathann’s answers, Alexia’s mother wishes him “a good stay in prison”

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After trying in vain to obtain new explanations for the murder of her daughter Alexia, Isabelle Fouillot wished this Friday a “good stay in prison” to Jonathann Daval at the helm of the Assize Court of Haute-Saône.

It was her last chance to get the answers to her questions from Jonathann Daval: disappointed, Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother, coldly launched Friday in front of the Haute-Saône meeting a last “farewell” to the one who has admitted the murder of his daughter, before wishing her “a good stay in prison”.

Called for the last time to the bar, Isabelle Fouillot refuses to believe that her daughter was killed for “mere words”, as Jonathann maintains. During an exchange of rare intensity, she therefore called her former son-in-law through the small sitting room to try to extract final explanations from him.

“I think Alexia wanted to go, is that why you killed her?” She asks him in an almost motherly voice.

“Let go”

“Let go, please, this is the last time we speak,” she begs him. “No”, replies the accused to the one he once called “mother” and whom he continues to call by her first name. “It’s an argument, Isabelle, you have to believe it (…) I lost my footing. Everything came out in me, all these years of anger, which I stored up, these reproaches”, he said sustained, maintaining his testimony the day before.

Disappointed, Isabelle Fouillot releases an icy: “I wish you a good stay in prison, Jonathann. Farewell.”
“It did not work, I resign myself to not knowing what really happened”, she explained, annoyed, at the end of the hearing, in front of the journalists. “Now, that he spends the most (of time) in prison, that’s all I ask”, she added, while her husband Jean-Pierre had demanded Wednesday “the maximum sentence” at the against Jonathann Daval.

Thursday, the latter had admitted for the first time to have knowingly “given death” to his wife by strangling her after, he says, a violent argument.

This trial will be remembered for its intensity, but also for the central role played by the civil party in the courtroom and in front of the cameras.


Friday morning, before the resumption of the debates, Jean-Pierre Fouillot summed up in an interview with BFMTV all the ambivalence of the feelings that still animate him towards the accused. “The Jonathann that I knew, that we pampered, that we loved (…), that one, I would be tempted to say that I still love him but the Jonathann, the murderer, the second nobody, the one who made all these horrors, this Jonathann, it’s over, it’s over, “he said.

Another extremely intense moment on Friday morning when the images of the overwhelming confrontation between the Fouillots and their son-in-law, on December 7, 2018, are projected in front of the court. Before this confrontation, and at the end of yet another turnaround, Jonathann had gone back on his first confession, even accusing his brother-in-law Grégory Gay of being the murderer. But in the closed room of the examining magistrate’s office, Isabelle Fouillot had found the right words to make him crack.

“We will forgive you. Why don’t you want forgiveness, everyone can be forgiven, you will have to rebuild yourself one day. You haven’t lost everything. What I don’t understand is why we have come to this? Explain to me please? (…) what is the trigger? “She urged. So Jonathann had relented and confessed for the second time to having killed Alexia, even though he claimed then that it was not intentional.

Then occurs this incredible scene: he kneels in front of his mother-in-law, she approaches, takes his hands, gets up and they hug each other, in tears. Images that Jonathann Daval did not want to see again on Friday, looking away.


Long heard the day before on the facts, the 36-year-old computer scientist was still to be questioned about his personality in the afternoon. At the bar, Jonathann Daval’s mother, Martine Henry, ruled that her son had “freed himself from something (…) since he saw a psychologist”. “He’s better, he’s calmer.”

The civil parties should plead at the end of the afternoon. Saturday morning, it should be the turn of the Advocate General to deliver his indictment, then that of the defense to plead, before the accused, who faces life imprisonment, has the floor, last.

The verdict, which was to fall initially on Friday evening, is now expected for Saturday at the end of the day.