Daval trial: unease, apologies, face-to-face with the in-laws … what to remember this Wednesday

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Jonathann Daval, accused of the murder of his wife Alexia, was taken to the emergency room after a malaise this Wednesday evening. He had previously offered his “apologies” and faced his ex-in-laws. The hearing continues this Thursday.

The trial of Jonathann Daval, tried before the Assize Court of Vesoul, will resume this Thursday morning at 9 am. Jonathann Daval should be back in the defendants’ box after having to leave the court in an emergency after feeling unwell at the end of the third day of hearing.

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One night in the hospital

Jonathann Daval suffered from vagal discomfort – a drop in blood pressure – at the end of the hearing when the president asked him about his intimate life with Alexia. STANDING, he sat down and then passed out. “I saw him go all white,” said his mother Martine Henry. Firefighters evacuated the accused to Vesoul hospital. “There is no worrying sign,” said Advocate General Emmanuel Dupic to Eastern Republican. Jonathann Daval is expected to spend the night in the hospital. He must be back in front of the Assize Court this Thursday morning.

“Apologies” for the murder of his wife

Jonathann Daval has truly spoken for the first time since the opening of the trial. He presented his “apologies” to Alexia’s relatives. “Even if it’s not excusable what I did,” he added, his voice choked with emotion.

At the bar, he explained himself on the night of the murder, on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017. His wife Alexia asked him for sex, which he refused. An argument broke out and “ended on the stairs where I hit her, strangled her”. He then placed the body in his professional vehicle before depositing it the following morning in a wood near their home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-SaĆ“ne). The 36-year-old computer scientist maintains that he never wanted to kill her.

Erection problems

Asked by the president, Jonathann Daval explained the couple’s difficulties in having a child. “We absolutely had to have a child, everything was absolutely fixed on pregnancy: the child, the child, the child”. Did he want a child? “I wanted it, I wanted it, but given the erection problem, it was complicated.” A heavy situation for Jonathann Daval: “For me, since I could not have an erection, even with the treatment, hear the reproaches, that I was not a man … I was moving away from her, I was fleeing the situation. I was coming home late on purpose. ” Before adding: “Our situation as a couple was very complicated”.

The parents of Alexia Daval, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot.

The parents of Alexia Daval, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot.
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Alexia’s father: “The maximum penalty”

During this day rich in emotions, Alexia’s father, Jean-Pierre Fouillot, was heard on Wednesday morning. Alexia’s parents considered their son-in-law to be a son. “Our future, it is simple, we took perpetuity. Will this be the case of Jonathann? It is you who will decide”, said Jean-Pierre Fouillot to the jurors. He called for “the maximum penalty” for his former son-in-law.

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Alexia’s mother: “Be a man”

In the afternoon, Alexia’s mother, Isabelle Fouillot, was heard. She urged Jonathann Daval to finally tell “the truth” and said she wanted to “defend the memory” of her daughter. “I would like, for once, you to be a man in your life and that you take your responsibilities”. Alexia “was anything but overwhelming”, explained Isabelle Fouillot, before reading a card written by her daughter to Jonathann Daval, in which she spoke of the accused as “an atypical being, as nice as a devil”.