Death of the Cachou bear: suspected of being involved in the death of the animal, a Spanish environmental agent arrested

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An environmental officer from the General Council of Aran was arrested according to the Spanish press in the case of the mysterious death of the bear Cachou. It could be the cause of the death of the bear found in a ravine in the Spanish Pyrenees last April.

Twist in the case of the death of the Cachou bear. The Spanish press revealed this Thursday that an environmental officer from the General Council of Aran was arrested. It is possible that this individual was involved in the death of the bear, found dead on April 9. The Cachou bear was found dead at the bottom of a ravine in the Spanish Pyrenees.

According to Lavanguardia, the official responsible for the safety of the bears is part of the monitoring group of this colony in this region of the Catalan Pyrenees. Nobody knows for the moment the motivations of this agent, currently questioned. The man was reportedly located using his cell phone.

Mysterious circumstances

The first elements of the autopsy of the plantigrade revealed on April 14 by the Spanish authorities, shows that the animal was attacked by another bear before falling into a 40-meter ravine.

Regarding this hypothesis, environmentalists were skeptical. “It is improbable that Cachou died following the assault of another bear,” even estimated Joan Vázquez, spokesperson for the environmental organization IPCENA. “The rare injuries that we have observed in the photos are incompatible with this hypothesis” he estimated, before putting forward another explanation: that of poisoning.

The secret of the investigation requested

“Piercing wounds” had been discovered on the left side of the animal’s head and these injuries were said to have occurred before his death.

For the moment, the Catalan authorities have not yet published the final results of the autopsy. This silence and this lack of information on the circumstances of Cachou’s death fuel the doubts on the side of these defenders.

Cachou’s body had been transported to the wildlife eco-pathology service of the University of Barcelona for the autopsy.

Last spring, the Catalan judge asked for the secrecy of the investigation, unheard of in the investigation into the death of an animal.