Death of Yanis for wetting the bed: the stepfather sentenced to 25 years of criminal imprisonment

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Yanis’ stepfather, the 5-year-old boy who died after punishment in February 2017, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The mother of the child was sentenced to four years in prison, two of which were suspended for not having prevented the murder.

Yanis’ stepfather, who died at five years of age during a punishment in February 2017, was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison, the mother receiving four years in prison, two of which were suspended for failing to prevent the murder. .

Convicted of murder and regular violence, Julien Masson, 34, was also sentenced to five years of socio-judicial monitoring with injunction of care, the sentence of the mother, 26, being accompanied by three years of probation, without committal.

“I want to apologize, (…) Pardon for all those who knew Yanis”, launched Julien Masson, in tears, before the Court withdraws. “It’s not for the trouble” but I would like “that we accept that I did not want to kill him”.

For the Advocate General, Patrick Leleu, “the intention of homicide, a difficult element in this case, is characterized”. Because Julien Masson, 34, “adult and criminally responsible”, could not “ignore that the violence” inflicted on the child “would have fatal consequences”. And to list “the blows”, the night walk, “this serious hypothermia”, Yanis having “been immersed dressed in the canal” near the cabin of Aire-sur-la-Lys where the couple spent the weekend. He stigmatized “the insufficiency, the absence” of explanations from the accused, who only showed the court a “smoke curtain”.

Inconsistencies in the father-in-law

As for the mother, Emilie Inglard, aged 23 that night of February 5 to 6, she “associated” with this punishment, believing that it “will put (it) the ideas in place” to her son, a- he continued.

Thursday evening, the main defendant had ended up admitting, on the defensive, his “responsibility” in a death remaining however for him “accidental”. Yanis would have had “several falls” and he would have hit him with a “flash of the flashlight”.

According to the investigation, he left the shed around 00:30, a “sinister, frightening” place according to Patrick Leleu, to take the child to run along the canal in a temperature of five degrees, to punish him for having “peed in bed”.

When help arrived two and a half hours later, Yanis was lying on a jacket, hypothermic and soaked, his body covered with around thirty bruises, some of them old. According to the autopsy, he succumbed to a head trauma following a severe impact.

Returning to the version of the punishment, Julien Masson assured that he had only gone out “to look for tobacco” with the child, then mentioned a “futile whim” on his part. “What he tells us does not correspond, (…) does not explain half of the wounds,” responded Me Anne Simar, lawyer for one of the seven civil parties. All demanded “the truth”, raising the “inconsistencies of the account” of the accused.

“This bedwetting was only a pretext”, in a context of tension within the couple, where the child “could be cumbersome”, estimated the lawyer of the association Enfance et Partage, Jean-Philippe Broyart.

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No certainty

A few hours before the tragedy, Yanis, “this beaten, unhappy child”, had told the accused that he wanted to return to live with his biological father, he recalled, psychiatrists seeing it as a possible catalyst for this man “vulnerable to frustration”. “Even if this flash of light would be energetic (…) it does not make you an assassin”, for his part launched to the accused one of his lawyers, Me Gabriel Duménil.

A conviction for murder would mean “having the certainty that Julien Masson wanted to kill” which “is not reality”, he ruled, calling for reclassification as voluntary violence followed by death. He regretted the “bias” of the investigation, which “from the outset, concluded” wrongly “to a punitive expedition”. If the accused “drowns the fish”, it is because he “feels guilty (…) he needs to think that he did not give this blow so hard as that”, pleaded Me Stéphane Daquo .

Every day, two children “die of mistreatment in France”, recalled Me Broyart. At the time of deliberating, conjured Me Crespin, lawyer of the association l’Enfant Bleu, “you will not forget Yanis, one of these ghost children, who pass under the radars”.