Deconfinement, curfew, open shops: ten questions that Emmanuel Macron will have to answer on Tuesday evening

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Emmanuel Macron will address the French on Tuesday evening to announce the post-confinement. Announcements eagerly awaited by the French but also by many professionals. If nothing has filtered out yet, an overview of the main expectations.

What will be our daily life after December 1st? Tuesday November 24 at 8 p.m., a week before the deadline, the Head of State will speak to announce new measures against the coronavirus. If containment has slowed the spread of the virus, the number of deaths still rises to several hundred per day and nearly 5,000 patients are still admitted to an intensive care unit at the national level.

Emmanuel Macron’s speech will condition our daily life over the next few weeks and the Christmas holidays, but also the future of many traders forced to remain closed.

Nothing is official yet but what are the possible avenues?

  • A reduction, not a deconfinement?

On October 28, Emmanuel Macron announced a second deconfinement at least until December 1, depending on the health situation. Traveling in Brittany this Friday, Jean Castex estimated that “the country is on the right track”. The Prime Minister will receive the elected officials on Monday. It seems that the word “deconfinement” will not be spoken on Tuesday evening. Emmanuel Macron could announce an easing of restrictions according to press reports. Will there always be bans? How big will any easing be? Could it take place in stages? Could a curfew be reinstated in major cities?

  • The travel certificate maintained?

If the Head of State does not announce a general deconfinement, will the exceptional travel certificates be removed as of next week? Or will they be lightened but still in force? The only real limitation of movement concerns physical activity which is one kilometer and one hour maximum.

  • Businesses reopened before December 1?

Amazon and several hypermarkets (Carrefour, Leclerc, Auchan) have agreed to postpone Black Friday from November 27 to December 4. Three ministers, Bruno Le Maire, Elisabeth Borne and Olivier Véran, participated this Friday in the development of a new health protocol with the trade federations. Could businesses deemed non-essential reopen next weekend of November 28/29? Will they have to wait until December 1? Or even later? The holiday season is crucial for their bottom line.

  • Bars and restaurants still closed?

If the rumor of a reopening of shops is rife, bars and restaurants will apparently have to wait a little longer. The date of January 15 or even February 1, 2021 is not officially mentioned. They are suspected of being places at risk of contamination.

  • Cinemas reopened in December?

Cinemas, theaters, exhibition venues are currently closed. They also hope to benefit from a relaxation of the rules in strict compliance with sanitary standards. The date of a reopening of cinemas on December 9 or 16 has been brought forward by French film and RTL.

  • Places of worship reopened?

Representatives of places of worship are hoping for a quick relaxation of the rules as Advent approaches for Catholics. Catholics notably demonstrated in several cities in France including Toulouse last Sunday. Only burials with a maximum of thirty people are allowed during confinement. The main representatives of the religions have an appointment with the Ministry of the Interior for a meeting by videoconference on Monday afternoon.

  • Always the mask from 6 years old at school?

Since the All Saints holidays, wearing a mask has become compulsory from the age of 6 in CP. Children should keep it all day even during recess. Will the mask always have to be worn from 6 years old in December? Or again from college like before the holidays? The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer did not speak on this question.

  • The public back in the stadiums?

The start date 2021 is mentioned for a return of the public in the stadiums. What will then be the gauge? 1000, 5000 people or even more? This gauge could be adapted according to the enclosures and the health situation, between 30 and 70% of the capacity of the infrastructures, indicated the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracinéanu, in “All sport” on France 3 Wednesday.

  • Beginning of the ski resort season?

Ski resorts traditionally start their winter season between early December and the Christmas holidays. In the Pyrenees, the snow is not yet really there. A health protocol, established for several weeks, provides that skiers wear the mask in the queues of the ski lifts and on the chairlifts. However, it will not be compulsory to go down the slopes.

  • Vaccines from January?

The main laboratories working on a vaccine against the coronavirus have increased the announcements in recent weeks. In France, the deployment of antigenic tests continues while saliva tests are not yet formally authorized. When will the vaccination against Covid-19 be implemented in France? Will it be reserved primarily for the elderly or caregivers? Could it eventually become mandatory?