Dialogue between the Director of WHO and Ministers of Ecuador

World Health Organization (WHO) Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised Ecuador for handling the pandemic and for taking steps to obtain the vaccine and possible distribution, if purchased, as part of the Covax initiative. This was reported by the Communication Secretariat, in a press release, this Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

It was also pointed out that this dialogue took place during a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Luis Gallegos, the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, and the scientist Soumya Swaminathan.

Foreign Minister Gallegos congratulated the director of the World Health Organization for his work at the head of the organization and for his performance in managing the global health crisis derived from the covid-19 pandemic, a -was reported in a press release.

Dr Swaminathan reported that among the vaccines that are already in an advanced phase and expected to be distributed in the next few months or early 2021 are Moderna and Pfizer, two pharmaceutical companies whose scientific advances were announced some time ago. days. .

For his part, Minister Zevallos spoke of Ecuador’s management of the health crisis caused by the pandemic and the enormous efforts made by the national government to fight against the spread of the virus. Authorities have discussed the Covax initiative, which includes possible vaccines that are being developed against the virus and its equitable distribution around the world. Ecuador is one of 184 countries that have joined the attempt to access the vaccine in the future.

In Ecuador until yesterday, Tuesday November 17, 2020, there were 181,104 people infected with covid-19, in Ecuador. 35.7% are in Pichincha.



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