Director David Fincher reveals what Mindhunter series finale looked like

After months of uncertainty over the future of ‘Mindhunter’ following statements from its creator, David Fincher, it looks like there won’t be a third season at the moment.

Now the filmmaker has revealed how he intends to end the serial killer series, with the murderer case BTK – the initials in English of “ Bind, Torture and Kill ”, that is -to say “ bind, torture and kill ”, the modus operandi that made him famous, and leaves a small door open to the return of fiction.

In a recent interview with Variety as part of the promotion of Mank, the movie in which he tells how the Citizen Kane script was created and which will be coming to Netflix soon, Fincher explained that when he thought of ‘Mindhunter’, “hopes had to go until the end of the 90s, the beginning of the 2000s” in his recreation of the history of the serial killers of America.

“Hopefully we might even see a knock on Dennis Rader’s door,” he added, referring to the psychopath known to BTK for his modus operandi, who enjoyed sending letters to the police recounting his heinous crimes. Rader killed 10 people in Wichita and Park City, Kansas, between 1974 and 1991 and was arrested in 2005. “At some point I’d like to visit him again,” Fincher added, though he rejects the idea for now.

BTK was to be the new incarnation of evil

Over the course of ‘Mindhunter’ two seasons, little clues were presented that anticipated BTK’s arrival, slated for Season 3. However, despite the series’ good reviews, high budget, and few viewings, as well. that the director’s engagement in other projects has undone, at least for now, the initial plans for the Netflix series.

Because if the possibility will always exist in the future, Fincher thinks the time is not right for “Mindhunter”. “I don’t know if it makes sense to continue,” he continued during the interview. “It was a very expensive series that had a passionate audience, but we never got the numbers to justify the cost,” he admitted.

“I definitely needed some time off. We were all very busy finishing season two, so we don’t have a script or a bible that would tell us how to continue season 3,” the filmmaker assured before admitting. that “it’s not ready. to spend another two years in this position”, referring to the terrible and lengthy “Mindhunter” shooting, much of which takes place in basements, for six or seven months by year for more than three years.