Donald Trump neglects G20 summit to go golfing

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The meeting of the 20 greatest heads of state in the world is happening virtually this year due to the pandemic. The American president only spoke about his record during a short speech.

This Saturday, November 21, the G20 conference under the presidency of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ben Salman took place virtually (the meeting should have been held in Riyadh but the Covid-19 epidemic decided otherwise) . A few minutes after an introductory speech by this virtual host about the global management of the crisis, Donald Trump briefly spoke to praise his record and then disappeared, according to two participants interviewed by theAFP.

The American president, beaten by Joe Biden in the last presidential election (of which he still disputes the result) would have left the debate in a hurry to go to the golf courses of Sterling in Virginia, giving way to the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin . Donald Trump was indeed photographed, red jacket and white cap on his head, while his counterparts were in full meeting.

? President #Trump did not participate in the virtual meeting of # G20 which had for subject the management of the pandemic # COVID19. He was in his golf at the same time.

Also, he no longer participates in the Task Force # COVID19 in place at the White House.

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According to a delegate with access to closed exchanges with the press, “his speech consisted in saying that he had done an absolutely incredible job during his mandate, economically and in the face of the pandemic”.