Ecuador says Covid-19 infections are under control, but braces for possible new crisis

The situation of coronavirus infections in Ecuador is contained for the moment, but the government is preparing with infrastructure and human capacities to deal with a possible explosion of new cases, said Thursday, November 19, 2020 the Minister of Health, Juan. Carlos Zevallos.

Ecuador adds more than 183,000 cases and 8,729 deaths from the coronavirus, according to official data, although the government has 4,344 more people as probable deaths.

“The infectious situation is long-lasting, but that does not mean that it will last for the next few weeks,” the minister told reporters. “It’s a battle that is not over, the pandemic continues.”

Faced with the possibility of a growth in infections due to crowds in public spaces and the population’s lack of discipline to respect biosecurity measures, the government on Thursday asked municipalities to impose more severe restrictions on mobility vehicles and regulate alcohol consumption in public spaces. in December.

The request is in addition to that previously formulated to suspend public and private activities for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Zevallos said the bed occupancy rate in intensive care units has reached 64% in public hospitals across the country, while hospitalization for COVID-19 infections is 31%.

“We are ready, but we need the help of the community, of this co-responsibility so that the cases do not explode as happened outside Ecuador”, declared the minister.

“We are extremely attentive to new alerts that may arise at each of the hospitals. We are preparing in terms of infrastructure, human talents at the moment to support, if there is, a new crisis, ”said the Minister.

Security agencies nationwide have said crowds in public spaces have increased in recent weeks, including private parties and alcohol consumption amid the pandemic.



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