Ehpad: visitors invited to take a screening test before seeing their loved ones

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Several new measures for the visits of residents in nursing homes will come into force in the coming days. Nursing homes in Occitanie are among the most affected in France by the coronavirus.

Avoid at all costs the Covid-19 entering nursing homes. This is the number one objective of facility managers and a major concern for residents and their families. 14,530 people have died in nursing homes or medico-social establishments since the arrival of the epidemic.

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Occitanie and New Aquitaine are among the regions where nursing homes are most affected with Paca and Hauts-de-France, announced Brigitte Bourguignon, the Minister for Autonomy, during a press point on Thursday evening. More than 1,600 nursing homes, or one in five nursing homes, are currently affected by Covid-19.

New recommendations will come into effect

Visitors will be encouraged to perform an RT-PCR test 72 hours before a visit to an nursing home or, if they have not been able to do so, an antigen test during the day in a pharmacy. “Relatives who visit residents very often will be able to participate in weekly screening campaigns for professionals,” said Minister Brigitte Bourguignon. In addition, visitors will be invited to answer a self-questionnaire, “personal and confidential”, before entering a nursing home.

For its part, the staff will have to undergo a screening test once a week. This is a recommendation, not an obligation. To this end, the Ehpad will receive 1.6 million antigenic tests from next week. “These screenings are essential to react as quickly as possible in order to identify a possible cluster,” said Brigitte Bourguignon.

“You are not alone, we are and we will be by your side throughout this crisis,” said Brigitte Bourgignon to the attention of residents of nursing homes.