Facebook warns of theft of 100,000 Instagram accounts

20 November 2020 22:21


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Social network Facebook has filed a complaint against a website owner who stole data from 100,000 Instagram public accounts.

The man used the accounts to create a network of clone sites of the social network.

Facebook filed a lawsuit against Ensar Sahinturk in the United States on November 19, 2002, for accessing Instagram users’ information without permission to create a network of cloned sites.

A cloned site is a website that copies and displays profiles, posts, and other information from Instagram or Facebook without the knowledge or consent of users. When this happens, people lose visibility and control over who is viewing their content and interacting with their account, according to the Facebook lawsuit.

Website owner Ensar Sahinturk used automation software with which he obtained public information from more than 100,000 accounts, such as their images, videos, posts, locations and account information, without the permission of the users or from Instagram.

Instagram community rules prohibit the massive copying of platform users’ data, even if it is public, because it “undermines people’s privacy and the ability to control their information,” as Facebook has said. denounced.

The company initially deactivated Sahinturk’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and asked him to cease operations, but the man did not, so Facebook took legal action.

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