Firmi. An Aveyronnais pleads for a reusable certificate

Faithful reader of La Dépêche du Midi, the Firminois Marcel Ruiz is back in the fight against the derogatory certificate of single use travel, harmful for the planet with an increased use of paper and ink in order to print the certificate, if we cannot download it for lack of smartphone:

“Again I put the cover for a certificate that can be used 40 times instead of 1, even more convinced than in the 1st confinement that this exemption will be welcome for all: Women and Men of France

With the experience of the 1st confinement where I had contacted the Group leaders of the National Assembly, + the then 1st Minister Edouard Philippe, and where I had privileged (wrongly: mea culpa) the MEPs Grande Gueule Mr Mélenchon and Mr Ruffin thinking that on the left helping the poor was their Priority: if small economies do not interest the wealthy, they interest the weakest

I made the request to the Presidency of the Republic on November 2, asking that it be presented to the President of the French Republic

Unanimity does not exist protesters will be expressed; the negative side that saddens me is a loss of resources for tobacco shops whose revenues are weakening from taxation to taxation, and for paper makers whose ink cartridges and reams of paper are the opportunity to s ‘enrich; without forgetting the State which will see this increase in VAT revenues soar. I will inform you of the progress as well as the lost steps which did not interest certain decision-makers.

In addition, I proposed to the department to apply this certificate in the department of Aveyron for experimentation as for the 80 km / hour; which in case of refusal of the state would serve as negotiation Time for all this to germinate … “