Foot: The RAF wins 1-0 against Grenoble, and succeeds in its comeback in Ligue 2

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No matter the way, the three dots are there! The RAF laboriously won 1-0 against Grenoble for the first day of Ligue 2 this Saturday, August 22.

It was laborious, but Rodez won 1-0 against Grenoble for the first day of Ligue 2. The Ruthenians had to rely on one of the rare beautiful movements of the meeting. In the 55th minute, Obiang crosses in first intention on his left side, finds Ouhafsa at the penalty spot, who recovers well and deceives the Grenoble goalkeeper.

The 1,500 supporters who came to support the RAF at the Paul-Lignon stadium had to wait 55 long minutes in order to be able to vibrate. A beautiful inspiration from Obiang, centering for Ouhafsa who takes back the ball wonderfully after the locker room, in the second half. Apart from this flash, we must admit that the match of the Ruthenians, solid defensively despite everything, was very sad. Not a single strike before the 35th minute, a slight unsuccessful domination during the first 30 minutes, and a match to undergo the repeated assaults of the Grenoblois on the Guivarch cage.

Fortunately, Rodez could count in his weak times on Valentin Henry, very clean defensively, but also present in the offensive work, distilling some sublime centers to his teammates.

  • Defense: Laurent Peyrelade’s winning bet

He had taken everyone on the wrong foot by revealing a defense to five for the reception of Grenoble, the bet is successful. Obiang, Dieng, Bardy, Henry and Chougrani perfectly withstood the repeated attacks of the Grenoble attacking trio. Composed of Anani, Diallo, and Semedo, it made the Ruthenian rearguard dizzy a few times, but never managed to find the fault. Well grouped behind, the defensive system, sometimes readjusted to three defenders, showed solidarity and focus. Bodes well for the rest of the season.

  • Ouhafsa man of the match, Remy Boissier the good pick

This 1-0 victory against the last 9th in Ligue 2 can be cause for hope for the Aveyronnais. Ouhafsa was very comfortable during this meeting, finding himself easily with Henry on the right flank of the attack. His goal in the 55th minute crowned a successful performance.

One recruit stood out, it is Remy Boissier. Well known by Ligue 2 fans, he was the sunshine of Le Mans last season, in a very dark sporting period for Les Manceaux.

A real metronome in the middle of the field, he did not hesitate to bring out the balloons very cleanly when the danger was imminent. As evidenced by his high class recovery in the 43rd minute, in his penalty area, applauded by the Paul-Lignon stadium. Few doubted it, but it is now certain, Boissier has won his place in the eleven of Peyrelade.

On behalf of the second day of Ligue 2, Rodez will move on the lawn of Pau, the promoted, Saturday 23 August at 7 p.m.