Former student says she was raped in a Quito campus toilet

In a post posted on Instagram and shared by activists via Facebook, a former student at a private school in Quito recounts that on December 15, 2015, when she was 13, she was raped in one of the halls of bath. of the institution. During this time, according to his account, the abuser’s friends made a video, “as a result of this, they posted discriminatory comments about my body.”

The young woman assures us that the school only expelled the boy for three months, she complains of impunity; she says she faced depression and attempted suicide. “I decided to share my story because this guy started following me on Instagram and it filled me with disgust and anger.”

The private campus located north of the capital reacted by sharing a post on its Facebook page, which was sent to parents yesterday, Wednesday, November 18, 2020. “Faced with the communication circulating on certain social networks in which our establishment of teaching has been named, we very much regret the feelings of anyone who has felt wronged, we legitimize their emotions and we sympathize with the pain they may feel ”.

Further, they wrote: “ As an educational institution, five years ago in this case, we acted in accordance with the law, our regulations and the code of coexistence, also rigorously establishing and firmly the consequences and the corresponding sanctions. We acted firmly and clearly when any kind of abuse or violent situation was detected, activating the protocols, always seeking to protect the rights of our girls, boys and adolescents ”.

The campus rejected “the criteria and judgments rendered baseless because, unlike any contribution, they only cause confusion and damage.” We ratify our honest and unconditional work governed by strong principles and values, essential elements to grow and meet the challenges of this time “.

Not only the authorities of the private establishment have spoken, but their students also made a post on Instagram.< En tant qu'élèves de troisième année du secondaire et membres de cette communauté, nous nous exprimons en solidarité et en fraternité avec la victime de l'affaire de viol par l'agresseur présumé. Nous rejetons la déclaration confuse de l'école envers la situation >> and they declare their support for the victim, who they believe, they say.

In the statement, posted on Instagram, the students ask school authorities: to provide information on the actions taken by the school at the time of the violation; publicize the protocols mentioned in the school’s declaration and which were applied to this event; transparency on the part of the institution concerning the information given; that the institution be involved in the process of reparation to the victim, a more precise and empathetic intervention, to prevent something similar from happening again; plans, protocols and campaigns to ensure the safety and protection of girls who are part of the educational community, in which we are all involved; does not justify invisibility with the principles of confidentiality.

THE COMMERCE contacted the institution’s registered cell phone number to request information; They said the request will be transferred to the authorities. A reaction was also requested from the Education Department in Zone 9.