Gold-plated hotel opens in Vietnam amid Covid-19 pandemic

November 19, 2020 8:37 AM


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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and with borders closed since March, Vietnam opened this year in its capital, Hanoi, the first hotel in the world with gold-plated walls, the only one of its kind.

The Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake hotel, which received this Thursday, November 19, 2020, a certificate from the International Union of Records which also accredits it as the only hotel in the world with gold-plated tiles, has 120,000 square meters of its brick facade covered with precious metal.

As detailed by the owner of the hotel which opened in July, Nguyen Huu Duong, much of the interior of the property is also bathed in gold, such as the tubs, sinks, shower and toilets in some rooms and the shower area next to the basin.

This hotel has golden sinks, toilets and showers. Photo: EFE

In addition, the elevator doors are made of five tons of gold, a display with which the hotel intends to become “the most luxurious in the world”, according to the owner.

The tableware at the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel is also coated with gold. Photo: EFE

Duong explained that his company, Hoa Binh, wanted the hotel to be open for the Formula 1 Grand Prix which was to be held this year in the capital of the communist country and that it was ultimately canceled by the covid pandemic. 19.

The hotel tries to make this luxurious experience accessible to a wide audience with a minimum price per night of 250 USD.

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