H5N8 avian influenza outbreak detected in Croatia

20 November 2020 15:46


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Croatian authorities have detected an outbreak of bird flu strain H5N8 at a turkey farm owned by Croatian company Vindon near Djurdjevac, about 90 kilometers northwest of Zagreb, local agency Hina reported on Friday.

“All measures are taken against the spread of the virus, including the culling of birds, although the virus does not pose a risk of contagion to humans,” said Vindon director Anita Stanic.

The emergence of avian influenza in Croatia is known after other cases in wild and domestic birds reported in recent weeks in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland and France.

Already on the 17th, after experiencing several outbreaks in Europe, the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture called on the owners of poultry farms to adopt measures to prevent the spread of the virus, such as preventing contact of domestic birds with birds wild.

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