Health and public services: 4,500 people in the streets in Toulouse and the return of the yellow vests

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Thousands of people demonstrated this Saturday in Toulouse against the “breakage of public service” at the call of 25 organizations. The yellow vests took the opportunity to make their comeback.

“We are here !” They were indeed very numerous this Saturday, November 21 to pound the pavement in the streets of Toulouse, at the call of about twenty union, political or associative organizations including the CGT, the FSU and the NPA. They set off shortly after 2pm from Place Saint-Cyprien to “denounce an unbearable situation, an unprecedented health crisis with dramatic social consequences”.

The eternal yellow vests, who came to “celebrate” their second anniversary, were added to this event declared in the prefecture. The participants castigated “a government which has an inadmissible management of this health, social and economic crisis. It is breaking all public services”. On the front line, the situation in hospitals has been singled out. “We denounce the degradation of the public hospital. In 10 years, we have gone from 4 beds per thousand inhabitants to three beds per thousand inhabitants. This government decides to take authoritarian measures instead of creating beds, jobs”.

“We cannot admit that the government is taking advantage of this health crisis and confinement to muzzle us”

Jobs, wages, public services were at the heart of the demands of the procession, which also expressed its opposition to the law on comprehensive security. “We cannot admit that the government is taking advantage of this health crisis and confinement to muzzle us”.

During the demonstration against the proposed “comprehensive security” law in Toulouse, a fire broke out on Boulevard Lazare Carnot, near Jean-Jaurès. The firefighters quickly came to control him.

– La Dépêche 31 (@ ladepeche31) November 21, 2020

“Masquerade”, “Freedom”… masks as new militant supports were worn by the demonstrators even if social distancing was severely tested. Pont Neuf, Esquirol, Monument aux Morts, 4,500 people shouted their anger in a festive atmosphere. “Health is not a commodity”, displayed the organizers’ truck at the head of the procession although outstripped by clusters of yellow vests “happy to meet again”. “It’s nice, there are people I hadn’t seen for a long time,” one of them congratulated himself.

The forces of order placed at the corner of the streets, suffered the usual insults of the latter come to take their picture ostensibly. The organization of the demonstration, lapped in the exercise, managed to perfectly frame the procession to the alleys Jean-Jaurès where it announced the end of the rally and folded the flags by promising that “it is only one start. We must build a balance of power. It is high time to mobilize “. Around 4 p.m., the police sent their first summons for the dispersion of the recalcitrant, mostly yellow vests. The insults continued to erupt and the police had to use tear gas canisters. Several people were arrested.