How many seasons of “The Simpsons” are there on the Disney + service?

The oldest animated series on American television, “The Simpsons”, has arrived in streaming. Seasons 29 and 30 are available to users, and Season 31 will air exclusively on Disney + from November 27, 2020.

Complaints flooded social networks on November 17, 2o2o, the series had its launch in Mexico and Latin America. Disney + subscribers had been expecting to find all seasons available, but the company did not say it would air in full.

The platform also contains the 2007 film and two short films starring Maggie, titled “A Long Day in Kindergarten” and “Playing with Fate”.

Diego Lerner, president of The Walt Disney Company in Latin America, pointed out in an interview with Medio Milenio that the reason there are no more seasons available is because the iconic series has a “more irreverent hue that could break. with the familiar concept of the Platform “.

The official indicated that some other episodes are currently being analyzed to determine if they can be incorporated later or not.

Season 31 will air exclusively on Disney + starting November 27. The platform will air two new episodes every Friday, transporting audiences to iconic Springfield.

The 22-episode season arrives on the video-on-demand service after airing in the United States, where it was seen on Fox. This Emmy-nominated episode bundle features a stellar cast of guest actors including Billy Porter, John Mulaney, Jason Momoa, Kevin Smith, Lilly Singh, Cate Blanchett, Chrissy Teigan and Jim Parsons, as well as musical performances by John Legend and Weezer.