In Tarn-et-Garonne, this is not a rabbit!

the essential
Philippe Tapiolas, a resident of Villebrumier in Tarn-et-Garonne, pruned his hedge in an unusual way. An unusual work to see at the exit of its village of 1400 inhabitants, certificate in hand!

Certainly, “Alice in Wonderland” would see her white rabbit in a blue vest. Certainly, an uprooted Alsatian would see an Easter hare there. Certainly, a slightly short-sighted hunter would see it as a stew in the making, and certainly, Claude Vanony, comic from the Vosges, would see a rabbit so big that one could bake half of it in the oven, put another half in gibelotte and finally, cook the third half as a pâté. But no, this is not a rabbit, René Magritte is therefore right, this is a work of topiary art.

Shortly after the exit sign for Villebrumier, in Tarn-et-Garonne, on the road to Saint-Nauphary, on the left, we met its creator, Philippe Tapiolas. Shears in hand, he told us two secrets. The first is that his inspiration came to him by cutting a too high hedge. One branch made the shape of a dragon or a rabbit; finally, moving forward with the work, it was a rabbit.

Philippe Tapiolas, a budding artist

The second secret is that he continues to prune this hedge every year, at the end of September-beginning of October, although the ears are more and more high and complicated to shape. But walkers or cyclists regularly stop and take a photo. And if you ask him if he considers himself a budding artist (!), He will smile modestly and say: “Why not?”.

So, Villebrumiérains, exit certificate in hand, mask on the face, less than a kilometer from the village and in less than an hour round trip, experience a moment of deconfinement not trivial!