Inappropriate use of antibiotics has worsened with the pandemic

Inappropriate use of antimicrobials, especially antibiotics, has “worsened” during the covid-19 pandemic, increasing the risk that resistance to these drugs will spread even further, the organization said today ‘hui. World Health Organization (WHO).

“This is not a surprise to us because the use of antibiotics in viral infections (which they don’t work for) is something very old that we continue to fight against,” said Hanan Balkhy, specialist of the Organization when launching a global initiative to strengthen the fight against this problem and create collective awareness about it.

Antimicrobial resistance has increased dramatically in recent years and is considered to be one of the greatest threats to human, animal and environmental health.

This problem also leads to increased health costs for countries, hospitalizations, treatment failures and higher severity levels, even death, due to conditions that previously could be cured relatively easily with antibiotics, whereas they were correctly. managed.

The pandemic has made more evident the harmful act of self-medication that some mistakenly believed could prevent covid-19, caused by a type of virus known as coronavirus.

Antibiotics don’t work against viruses, only bacteria.
“We have tried to convince that antimicrobials are not used in viral diseases, especially against respiratory conditions,” Balkhy said.

The recommendation is particularly significant for those who contract the coronavirus but do not need hospitalization. For those admitted, an antibiotic should only be given when the disease has been complicated by a bacterial infection.

According to studies, only 10 to 12% of patients hospitalized for covid develop an infection caused by bacteria, while up to 70% receive antibiotics.