Jean-Marie Bigard’s wife: “Obviously, my husband has a handsome side!”

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Jean-Marie Bigard’s wife, Lola Marois, reacted to the strong attacks against the comedian recently pronounced by François Cluzet who had called him “total asshole” and “king of the beaufs”.

It is a wounded but combative woman who defended Jean-Marie Bigard in the program of Evelyne Thomas on the channel Non-stop people. Lola Marois, actress revealed to the general public in “Plus belle la vie” and wife of Jean-Marie Bigard in the city, reacted to the latest accusations against her husband.

The actor François Cluzet had described Jean-Marie Bigard “total moron” and “king of the beaufs” in an interview on RTL last September when the comedian announced his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election, which he has since withdrawn.

Lola Marois said she was touched by the attacks of the actor of “Intouchables”: “It touched me. I am a Jewish mother, I am a lioness. You must not go too much where I like people, so of course it touched me “. Then she, in turn, attacked the actor: “If he had a little more intelligence, he would know how to read between the lines and he would see all the intelligence and the poetry that there is in the shows. from my husband. it is an insult which is low, because it insults many French people, and it is a lack of intelligence not to see the intelligence of my husband “.

Jean-Marie Bigard’s wife recognizes that her husband is “handsome”: “Obviously, my husband has a beauf side, it’s great to be a beau. What does it mean, to be the king of the beaufs? to say that there are millions of French people who are handsome because they laugh at their jokes? “

Lola Marois has been the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard since May 27, 2011. She has appeared in several films and TV films, played in plays and even recorded a pop album. But it was the role of policewoman Ariane Hersant in “Plus belle la vie” that really made her known to the general public.