Jonathann Daval “ready to pay for his actions”: last day of trial this Saturday, the verdict expected tonight

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The verdict of the trial of Jonathann Daval, accused of having killed his wife Alexia in October 2017, will be known this Saturday evening after a last day of trial before the assizes of Haute-Saône in Vesoul. He faces life imprisonment. Before that the indictment of the Advocate General and the pleadings of the defense lawyers will take place during the day.

Jonathann Daval admitted during his trial to have intentionally killed his wife Alexia at their home on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017 against the backdrop of acute marital difficulties. According to the elements of the investigation and those stated during the trial before the assizes of Haute-Saône in Vesoul this week, Alexia ardently wanted a child but her husband, who suffered from erectile dysfunction, was fleeing more and more. more.

“I have more of a future”, blurted out on Friday the emaciated 36-year-old computer scientist who looked like a frail teenager who said he was ready to “pay for the acts I committed”.

The attorney general, Emmanuel Dupic, will present his requisitions this Saturday morning from 9:30 am. The three defense lawyers, who have already announced that they intend to plead voluntary manslaughter, will then speak. The accused will then have the floor, who will be able to speak for the last time before the court withdraws to deliberate.

“That he spends the most time in prison”

In a final and moving attempt, Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother, thus tried to extract the answers to the questions she still asks herself on Friday morning. “I think Alexia wanted to go, is that why you killed her?” She questioned him at the stand. “No (…) It’s an argument, Isabelle, you have to believe it”, replied his former son-in-law.

“I wish you a good stay in prison, Jonathann. Farewell”, then launched Mme Fouillot, annoyed, before returning to her place. “That he spends the most (of time) in prison, that’s all I ask”, she even asserted, while her husband Jean-Pierre had demanded Wednesday “the maximum penalty” to the against his ex-son-in-law.

Friday evening, the civil parties demanded a “sentence at the height” of the “suffering” endured by those close to Alexia, pleaded one of their lawyers, Me Gilles-Jean Portejoie, evoking the multiple reversals of Jonathann Daval who had blamed his in-laws for a time, before accusing himself again. Alexia, “strangled” for “four to five minutes” and who received “five to six punches”, was “massacred”, added her son, Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie.

“I would like to have an apology first”

The civil parties have also insisted all week on leads that were not retained at the end of the investigation and that the experts were unable to confirm at trial: sexual “desecration” post mortem Alexia’s body by Jonathann, who also allegedly administered drugs to her on several occasions without her knowledge.

Wednesday, before making a fuss in the box of the accused, Jonathann Daval had advanced an apology: “I would first like to have an apology, but it is not excusable what I did, near the parents and the family Alexia, relatives of Alexia, for everything I did to them. I took their daughter away from them first. Then I lied to them, “he testified.

“The bite, it got me mad”

On the evening of the tragedy, Jonathann Daval says he refused his wife sex. A violent argument breaks out. The triggering factor? Alexia would have bitten him, causing his rage: “the bite, it made me mad,” he explained. He then hits her several times, before strangling her.

It is “the anger of all these years that has emerged (…) Hence the strangulation to keep her silent”, he said, arguing that Alexia “humiliated” him in him saying in particular that he was “not a man”.

According to Me Caty Richard, one of the lawyers of the Fouillot family, Alexia would have realized that her husband had given her a sleeping pill. Angry, she would have tried to leave, which Jonathann could not bear. He would have strangled her, in order to “demonstrate to himself that he is not helpless” and “to possess her”.

“Machiavellianism” and “perversity”

The next day, he took the body of the deceased to a wood and set it on fire to ensure that she “never existed”, according to Gilles-Jean Portejoie, one of the other civil party lawyers. The “Machiavellianism” and the “perversity” of Mr. Daval are then revealed: “he has just massacred Alexia, he is already in the constitution of an alibi”, underlines Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie.

For three months, the 36-year-old computer scientist will play the weeping widowers, filmed by cameras from all over France, before being arrested in January 2018. “Jonathann Daval only presented himself as a victim” and, “the more odious, as a victim of his wife Alexia “, estimated Me Peggy-Anne Julien, another lawyer of the Fouillot family. For her “rarely have civil parties been so outraged” and “the only victim here is Alexia”.