Jonathann Daval trial: the “stroke” of an “ordinary man”, according to his lawyer

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“He was not sent back for murder”, declared Me Randall Schwerdorffer, urging the jurors not to follow the attorney general who had called earlier for life imprisonment, “a sentence of social elimination”, according to the lawyer.

The murder of Alexia Daval, for whom her husband Jonathann is appearing before the assizes of Haute-Saône, is the consequence of the “bloodstroke” of an “ordinary man”, estimated Saturday, November 21 one of his lawyers , Me Randall Schwerdorffer, warning against a “judicial butchery”.

This murder was “not premeditated, not thought out, it’s what we call ‘a stroke of blood'”, launched in a voice of stentor Me Randall Schwerdorffer, one of the three lawyers of Jonathann Daval, who pleaded a violent argument between the two spouses, grappling with important problems of couple: erectile dysfunction for him, desire of unfulfilled child for her, serious difficulties of communication between the two.

“We do not judge a feminicide here, we judge the murder of Jonathann on Alexia”, he hammered.
This argument, she broke out because, contrary to her habit, Jonathann “could not flee”. “Alexia, retains it, there is a confrontation”, advanced the council, which rejected the hypothesis of a separation wanted by Alexia and that Jonathann would not have supported, thesis supported by the civil parties and the Advocate General .

Jonathann Daval “went from a kind, beloved man to a murderer in minutes”

His client, who had never been violent, “went from a kind, loved man, to a murderer in a few minutes,” he added during a strong plea. “There is no premeditation: we are lying to you, we are deceiving you”, he again launched, referring to the theses of the civil party.

“He was not sent back for murder,” he added, again urging the jurors not to follow the attorney general who had earlier called for life imprisonment, “sentence of social elimination “, according to Me Schwerdorffer. “Life imprisonment is a sentence handed down for the most dangerous criminals in society: Francis Heaulmes, child killer, Michel Fourniret, Marc Dutroux, Guy Georges … What do Jonathann Daval have in common? None. Yes, the media coverage “, continued Me Schwerdorffer, who surveyed the courtroom before the jurors. “The Advocate General (Emmanuel Dupic) requested as part of an indictment made to please the whole of France. It is not my problem,” he added.

This tenor of the bar of the East of France has again sharply attacked the role of the media in this file: “All that makes the Daval affair is the media coverage”. “Jonathann is indeed a criminal. He does not dispute it, you are going to judge him. But a judgment is not revenge. What we are asking of you, on the benches of the civil parties, is revenge, to because of the media, lies, because he betrayed his parents-in-law, “he insisted.
He also warned against the trail of a post-mortem rape of the young woman by her husband, also mentioned by the civil parties: “We are talking to you about justice, it is judicial butchery,” he said. it’s thundering. After the plea of ​​Mr. Schwerdorffer and the lunch break, Jonathann Daval took the floor one last time, to once again ask “forgiveness” from the civil parties before the jurors withdraw to deliberate. The verdict is expected at the end of the afternoon or in the evening.