Juvignac: a man shoots a supermarket security guard after being turned back for not wearing a mask

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The facts took place this Sunday, November 22 at the entrance of an Intermarché store. The alleged shooter was arrested.

This Sunday, November 22 in Juvignac (Hérault), a man shot the security guard of an Intermarché store, slightly injuring his legs. The perpetrator was said to have been refused access to the store a few minutes before his act because he was not wearing a mask.

He would then have returned a few minutes later, this time armed, and would have opened fire on the guard before fleeing in a vehicle. The life of the injured security guard is not in danger.

The mayor of Juvignac, who visited the scene, told our colleagues to Free noon to have been “alerted by residents of the town who were there and who heard a gunshot in the gallery” and assured that the author would be found “as soon as possible”. The alleged shooter was finally arrested a few hours after the incident and taken into police custody.