Lasseube-Clean. A bequest from a generous donor in a village in the Gers

The municipality of Lasseube-Propre did not expect such a windfall. Indeed, the municipality has just received a bequest from a generous donor. Laurent Vivent, a former farmer who died at the end of 2017 at the age of 95, was the last survivor of a family of four children established for many years in the town, without direct heirs. Mr. VIVENT, was, as Mr. Mayor André Sempastous tells us: “A discreet, very endearing character who was unanimous around him”. He lived in retirement for a while in a retirement home in Auch but he remained very attached to his town with which he kept a close bond thanks to his neighbors and friends who visited him regularly. By will he bequeathed to the municipality all of his assets (cash, life insurance and real estate) worth around 420,000 euros. The Mayor would particularly like to clarify: “This is a great story for our municipality, this legacy is now official after some red tape, a real obstacle course; it represents an unexpected windfall which greatly exceeds the municipal annual budget and which will allow us to approach the future with more serenity to make some necessary investments.We will also ensure in the coming months, the municipal council is very keen to honor the memory of Mr. Laurent Vivent by installing a plaque on a site of the town which will commemorate his rare gesture of great generosity “.