Laurent Peyrelade, Rodez Aveyron Football coach: “I hope to see a soul”

As an RAF coach, what do you expect from your players on the pitch
from Valenciennes?

I want to see my team sparkle, have a soul, come up with something regardless of the outcome. Things have to move and that we are not timid as we were during our last home game (Editor’s note: 0-1 defeat against AC Ajaccio).

How do you bounce back from such a frustrating loss?

In dialoguing with the players, it is a method that I hold dear. We watched the game on video with the aim of showing that we were all bad against the Corsicans. It was important that this clarification be made before resuming collective training, in order to be all united.
I prefer that the whole team go through a meeting rather than seeing a few isolated elements being in difficulty because we fall into the trap of stigma.

What happened against Ajaccio?

A form of fear, not enough leaders on the ground, this is one of our weak points at the moment.

How to cure it ?

By shaking up the hierarchy put in place in the team since the start of the season. There is a need to get out of our comfort zone. We have no certainty in the game because the level of L2 has improved this season compared to last year. We must respond to it by increasing the intensity of our intentions on the ground in order to tip the success in our side.

Is it a change in mentality?

No, a collective awareness without dramatizing. Last year, after 10 games, we only had 3 more points… When we say it, it immediately calms this bad perception that everything is going wrong. We have played 10 games and their statistics give precise lessons on our strengths and weaknesses. The truce, which is coming to an end, has made it possible to settle a lot of things. I am waiting to see this progress in competition.