Ligue 2: A tasteless TFC concedes a draw against Chambly (1-1)

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The meeting between TFC and Chambly resulted in a dull draw (1-1), Saturday, November 21, on behalf of the 11th day of Ligue 2. Without solution, the Toulouse can thank Janis Antiste, who marks their only goal from a corner.

The Violets failed to revive against Chambly and conceded the draw (1-1), on the occasion of the 11th day of Ligue 2, Saturday, November 21. Draft and timid in the game, Patrice Garande’s men failed to challenge the red lantern of the championship.

The Toulousains had however given themselves the means to win the meeting, opening the scoring in the 56th minute thanks to a goal from Janis Antiste. But they never seemed able to get their hands on an unpleasant game to watch. Completely absent in the football void offered in the first half, Tef suffered too much pressure from Chambly in the second half …

Man of the match: Janis Antiste

The pitchoun is definitely the providential man of this TFC. While we did not see how the Toulousans could hope to score in this meeting, Janis Antiste unblocked the meeting with a sublime header, on a corner masterfully shot by van den Boomen. The Dutch player, back in the starting XI, showed his passing skills in sequence and recalled his importance on set pieces.

The goal of the international hope began the awakening of his team, completely amorphous since the start of the match. Midfielders Brecht Dejaeghere and Marco van den Boomen then distinguished themselves with breakthroughs and openings that could have led to Toulouse’s second goal. But Patrice Garande’s men, like an uninspired Amine Adli, were too clumsy to consolidate their lead.

The action of the match: Antiste misses the opportunity to fold the meeting

Janis Antiste was not far from the perfect match, if only he had doubled the lead a few minutes after his first goal. Ideally served by van den Boomen, he comes alone against Xavier Pinoteau. But the pitchoun opens his foot too much and sees his shot pass next to the left post.

After this missed opportunity, the most dangerous actions will come from the Chamblysians. The Toulouse block then curls up again, until suffering the goal of equalization. The Violets then take a hit on the head and fail to get up. But as often, Maxime Dupé saves his people on several occasions and avoids a catastrophic result against the last of Ligue 2.

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u26a0 ufe0f Magnificent opening of @BrancossB towards #Antist. It’s a break point and unfortunately Janis’ left curl goes right next to the goal ud83d ude31


– Toulouse FC (@ToulouseFC) November 21, 2020

The fact of the match: another corner!

Tef falls back into his faults … Yet serious and applied for seven consecutive games, during the club’s invincibility series, the Violets are again feverish on defensive set pieces. Dupé is first put in difficulty on an aerial exit during a free kick from Chambly. His failed intervention could have been expensive, if Ruben Gabrielsen had not come to save his team on the line. Ten minutes later, the defense falters on a corner and Medhy Guezoui just has to push the ball into the net.

A bad habit that Toulouse must absolutely erase if they want to earn points and move up the standings. Tef indeed missed a perfect opportunity to revive, facing the red lantern and worst defense in Ligue 2. The players will not be able to reproduce such a poor performance against Niort, Saturday, November 28, if they want to achieve their ambitions of ascent.

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u26bd ufe0f Following an opponent’s corner deflected at the near post, the Toulouse defense failed to ward off the danger and the Camblysiens returned to the score.


– Toulouse FC (@ToulouseFC) November 21, 2020