Lot-et-Garonne: a hunter discovered dead near a wooded area

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This Sunday afternoon, a man was found lifeless in a wooded area. The firefighters failed to revive him. A gendarmerie investigation is opened.

This Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, shortly before 4:30 p.m., a man was found unconscious near a wooded area, near the hamlet of Goulens, in the town of Layrac.

Immediately the alert was given. Quickly, the firefighters of the town went to the scene and took charge of the victim. A team from the SMUR from the Agen hospital center was called in to assist. The man was found in cardiopulmonary arrest. Despite their efforts, the emergency services failed to revive the man.

An open investigation

The dramatic discovery was made near a wooded area, according to the first elements. The gendarmes of the Laplume brigade community went to the scene to carry out the usual findings in such circumstances. He hadn’t given any news since late morning.

According to the first elements, this death is not linked to the use of a firearm. Aged 69, this hunter would live in the town. Did he have a heart attack during this Sunday outing and near a hunting area? Questions that will have to be answered in the investigation carried out by the military. An autopsy was requested in order to provide details on the origins of the tragedy.

An elected representative of the town of Layrac was also called to the scene.