Lot-et-Garonne: the delivery men of Uber Eats walked out on Friday morning to protest against their working condition

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This Friday, at midday, about forty delivery men from Uber Eats walked out to voice their anger over working conditions. They want more consideration and especially to stop recruiting.

The delivery bags in the colors of Uber Eats are stacked on this Place du Pin. Nearly fifty delivery men from Uber Eats have decided to voice their grumbling. Some members of the Agenais section of the CGT are present to provide them with support.

We can no longer not be considered, plague a delivery man in his twenties.

Today, they want to voice their remuneration conditions imposed by this large home delivery platform. “It is no longer possible to earn € 7 net per hour,” exclaims another delivery man, “the income is no longer decent”. In just a few weeks, conditions have “deteriorated”. As the number of delivery people “increased” in the city prefecture. “It went from forty to more than a hundred,” said Mourad. One of his delivery colleagues adds: “just last week, we saw new delivery people arriving”.

“800 to 1200 orders per day”

An “important” recruitment that the delivery men (who have the status of auto-entrepreneur) question. “The other platform that is Deliveroo protects its delivery people. They are barely fifteen, which allows them to guarantee them a decent salary, ”adds Mourad.
This situation has deteriorated since the first confinement. “It is from there that the number increased”, loose another delivery man. However, the “historical” – present since the launch of the platform in the city prefecture – ensure “have always responded to the processing of orders.

There are between 800 and 1200 daily orders in Agen ”, reveals Mourad.

“It’s the policy of Uber Eats”, he continues. This number no longer allows delivery people to ensure “adequate wages, especially after payment of the charges” incumbent on them.
Winning not even € 10 is no longer possible “especially since the kilometers traveled are not even taken into account”. A delivery man takes his personal case as an example: “last week, I worked more than 80 hours for a salary barely higher at € 500. I’ll let you calculate the hourly rate. And that includes the tips that customers leave us on top of that ”. A situation which is no longer possible and which tends to “make this profession even more precarious”.

Some members of the CGT provided support to the delivery men.

Some members of the CGT provided support to the delivery men.

If they want to make their voice heard, there is no question for these young delivery men “to penalize restaurants or customers who have always played the game”. “They have nothing to do with it. They are always extremely courteous to us. It is the platform which does not play it, plague another delivery man present for more than a year.
Since the start of this reconfinement, activity has certainly increased but not enough to rebalance things. “We are young, we need to work but not at a discount,” slips another. And Mourad to add “it is essential that Uber Eats understands that this situation cannot last any longer.
If they have been silent since week – “and they had no news” according to the delivery men, the referents of the sign have contacted some “to try to limit the scope of this movement” . The delivery men – they – in any case – do not intend to stop there.
But there, close to noon, this Friday, November 20, they resumed their journey on their scooter or bicycle to meet the expectations of customers at lunchtime.