Masseube. Mute bells: opinions differ in the Gers

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The church tower was struck down, damaging the electrical system. The mayor takes the necessary steps for repairs. Are the people of Massachusetts happy without the sound of the bells?

That the people of Massylvans rest assured: the bells will ring again in the town. In fact, since the start of summer, the bells have stopped ringing. The cause ? During a thunderstorm, lightning struck the steeple, burning through the electrical system. Roger Breil, mayor of Masseube, is doing what is necessary to have everything repaired, and take the opportunity to modernize the system.

Since lightning struck, the mayor has been asking for quotes, but during the holidays, the matter drags on. “I received the quotes on Friday August 14, now it should go quickly. By the beginning of September, the bells will ring again”, explains the mayor. “We will take the opportunity to modernize the electrical system so that the priest can activate the bells from a simple remote control, underlines the first city councilor. Before, a municipal employee had to go directly to the church to activate the so-called” special “bells, like the Angelus or burials. ” From now on, it is the parish priest who can more easily program the ringing of the bells. The cost of the project? Around € 5,000.

According to Roger Breil, some residents are growling. Indeed, the bells no longer ring and no longer tell the time, which removes a little charm from the town. “I miss the sound of the bells: we no longer know when Mass is and the clock is blocked at 9 o’clock. It’s sad”, testifies a woman, Massylvaine for 20 years.

But while strolling in the village, one realizes that other residents do not regret the absence of the sound of the bells so much… “We make do with it: I’m so used to it that I don’t even pay attention anymore. sounds more “, explains a lady.

In the town’s grocery store, located near the town hall, the manager confides: “I’m fine with me, I no longer have the bells that wake my daughter up at 7:05 in the morning.” Another resident is even delighted to no longer be disturbed every quarter of an hour by the bell tower: “I am very happy to no longer hear them: I have not worked all my life to be woken up at 7 am every mornings during my retirement. “

Another Massylvaine, living behind the church, agrees with her friend: “Fortunately the bells stopped at 10 pm… If I want to know the time, I look at my watch!”

Finally, not sure that the lightning that fell on the steeple is such bad news. And even less sure that the people of Massachusetts are delighted to know that the bells are going to be fixed.