Montauban: he masturbates in front of two women in Port-Canal

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A man in his twenties was arrested in Montauban on Saturday August 22. He is suspected of having engaged in exhibitionism in Port-Canal.

The heat of recent days has apparently hit a young man on the head, Saturday August 22 in Montauban. The police of the city of Ingres police station were indeed called for unusual facts. Two women who took advantage of the good weather in Port-Canal alerted the police. A young man in his twenties would have been guilty of exhibitionism. According to their testimonies, the respondent would have masturbated in front of the two friends.

According to a police source, the suspect is not unknown to the police station. He would be a follower of this kind of facts, according to the elements which we were able to gather. He was taken into police custody and should be presented on Sunday 23 August before the public prosecutor of Montauban. “During the arrest, this 27-year-old Albanian national would have outraged the police, explains Laurent Czernik. He would, moreover, be in an irregular situation.” Not enough to fix his file …

Placed in custody, he should be presented Sunday, August 23 before the prosecutor for exhibitionism and insult to person depositary of public authority. He could answer for his actions before the court of Montauban in the immediate appearance procedure Tuesday, August 25.