Montauban: his 3-year-old son kidnapped for a few moments during his jogging

the essential
The 3-year-old son of a jogger was kidnapped for a few moments by an unknown woman on Friday in Montauban. The latter was quickly arrested by the Montalbanese police.

It’s a very strange story that took place, late Friday afternoon, during Foucault, a park in Montauban. Wanting to go jogging, a man suggests to a lady, sitting with her two children, to give her 3-year-old son time to practice his exercise. The lady accepts.

A few minutes later, a young woman approaches the boy, takes him by the hand and goes with him. By the time the improvised “nanny” notices and reacts, the father comes running and manages to get his child back a few seconds later, safe and sound.

The kidnapper runs off and the police are notified. They end up, a few minutes later, by spotting her. The young woman prefers to run away before being caught.

Confused explanations

Placed in custody at the Montauban police station, clearly in the grip of some psychological disorders, this thirty-something, homeless, is rather used to living in Toulouse. She reportedly explained to the police that she thought the little boy was lost.

His confused explanations did not allow to know more. She was therefore released on Saturday morning from police custody. As for the father of the family, a lesson will be given to him. It is not very prudent, at the very least, to leave your child with a stranger, while jogging …