More than 20 dogs trapped in Philippines roof after Typhoon Vamco floods

November 19, 2020 7:32 AM


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The picture is striking: more than 20 dogs maintain their balance while walking on the roof of a structure, which once belonged to an animal shelter. The center was submerged under water due to the impact of Typhoon Vamco in the Philippines, but its caregivers took risks to rise to the surface so as not to harm their lives.

Typhoon Vamco killed at least 67 people in the Philippines and property damage is reported in more than 26,000 homes, according to international media. Rescue operations continue in the country to save the lives of hundreds of people trapped by the floods and the lives of animals left unprotected.

In a video released by the Newsflare platform, which produces news stories from around the world, twenty dogs are seen on the ceiling.

Amanda Ramírez, who is part of the protection team of the dog shelter, detailed – quoted by Newsflare – saw that the water had risen more than four meters. So he decided to save them with three other volunteers. They checked that each cage was empty and lifted them to the roof.

“It was terrifying, we were swimming and clinging to whatever we could to survive. We couldn’t let the dogs die inside, ”Ramírez said.

There are more than 65 animals rescued after November 14, when the water receded after the Vamco Pass. But they face another challenge: food, because if they don’t have the resources that can provide the budget for their food, they can be euthanized.

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