Mouthwash would ‘kill’ coronavirus in 30 seconds, study finds

Research by scientists at Cardiff University, located in Wales, UK, concluded that mouthwash can remove the novel coronavirus in human saliva within 30 seconds.

The components that would allow the eradication of the virus would be: cetylpyridinium chloride, ethanol, essential oils and povidone iodine, which were present in the mouthwashes used in the study.

Richard Stanton, a leading scientific researcher, told UK broadcaster the BBC that “in the lab, the conditions of the oral and nasal cavity were reproduced in a test tube.”

Further, he added that this is not the first research to suggest that this type of fluid can suppress different types of coronavirus, including SARS-CoV-2, which is causing the pandemic the world is going through.

The study clearly showed that while favorable results are obtained in removing the virus from saliva, there is no evidence that mouthwashes can act as a cure or treatment for the virus.

Researchers are conducting a clinical trial with patients at Cardiff hospital and results are expected in early 2021.

“Although these mouthwashes eradicate the virus very effectively in the lab, we need to see if they work in patients and that is the goal of our ongoing clinical study,” said David Thomas, professor at the ‘Cardiff University and survey member,’ BBC ‘.

Thomas also said that with the results of the trial, it will be possible to determine “how long the effect lasts after a single application of mouthwash in patients with coronavirus.”

It should be noted that the study has not been peer reviewed, a key stage in which other experts assess and validate the quality of scientific publications.

“The research has not yet been reviewed by other scientists, as is the usual process for university research. However, it was sent for publication in a magazine, ”added Stanton, who called for continued preventive measures to avoid contagion.

“People should take preventative measures, including washing their hands frequently and maintaining social distancing,” he concluded.

Until this Wednesday, November 18, there have been 55.6 million infections with the new coronavirus worldwide and more than 1.34 million deaths.