MSP will test members of the COVID-19 vote reception committees on election day

Health Minister Juan Carlos Zevallos has indicated that the state portfolio will undertake PCR tests to detect possible contagion of covid-19 among members of the vote reception committees.

The statement was made in the afternoon of November 19, 2020, during a press conference of the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE). During the day, the latest resolutions on Christmas and New Year festivities were released.

“The PCR test would be supported by the Ministry of Health, we also incorporate new diagnostic measures, a combination of rapid antigenic tests, as well as PCR tests, and supplements can be performed. We are going to coordinate it, I think it is important to stress the importance of safeguarding health, ”he said.

He added that it will be suggested that the people who work at the reception of the votes take a PCR test with a negative result.

He also said on polling day, recommendations to avoid crowds, use masks and maintain social distancing should be upheld. In addition, he recommended that electoral districts be ventilated places with sufficient capacity.

Zevallos said they will be prepared from a health standpoint to receive patients that day. However, he claimed that if a person is infected, they don’t have to go and vote.

“It could be a potential contagion, in that the person would have to apply for a special permit or medical certification in this regard.”

During the press conference, an exhortation was made to the various political parties and leaders within the framework of the next election campaign, not to generate or promote the agglomeration of people due to the fact that it is a determining factor for transmission of the virus that causes covid-19.

Rommel Salazar, director of the National Risk Management Service, explained that they are organizing meetings with representatives of various state institutions and the CNE to define the guidelines that will be applied on election day.

As he said, a protocol is being developed and will be presented to the public in the coming days.