Older adult saved baby from alligator teeth

A video that travels through social networks this Sunday, November 22, 2020 shows a shocking rescue in the United States. Richard Wilbanks, 74, pursues an alligator underwater to save his three-month-old baby from death.

In a dialogue with the CNN news channel, Richard said that he and his dog, a Cavalier King Charles puppy, were walking by a pond when he saw the reptile emerging from the water. “It came out of the water like a missile. I never thought an alligator could be so fast. It was so fast,” he said.

Then the reptile attacked the cub and carried it to the water. Richard did not hesitate and entered the pond to save his dog, named Gunner. He said holding the animal was no challenge, but opening its jaws, embedded in his animal’s body, was “extremely difficult.”

It was decisive seconds, but the older adult managed to pull his dog out of the reptile’s jaws. His hands, however, were chewed and Richard went to a health center to get the tetanus shot.

Gunner had an injury to his abdomen, but it was okay as he recovered within days of visiting a vet clinic.

Richard said the video was captured by the Wildlife Federation and the STOP Foundation, which monitor animals that live in the area, the same where he lives, to ensure their safety.

This is Gunnes, the dog who was rescued by his owner from the jaws of an alligator. Photo: Capture